Have you successfully registered QRIS and want to use it as a payment method directly in your DealPOS account? In this article, we have several payment method that you can choose. One of them is GoPay we will explain how to add a GoPay

QRIS Payment Method to DealPOS. GoPay is electronic money for any payment and financial transaction that you can use. You can see the detailed steps down below:

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu - Add

Add Gopay Payment Method - Add Payment

Step 2. Fill the name - Select E Money on Tab option - Save

Add Gopay Payment Method - Set Payment

Step 3. Gopay payment method has been created.

Add Gopay Payment Method - Payment added

Congratulations! you can directly use the QRIS payment method to sell.

*Important Note: But make sure the server key you received has been applied to your DealPOS account. If not already applied, check the following articles: 1 QRIS for all Outlet | 1 QRIS for specific outlet.

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