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Have you successfully registered QRIS and want to use it as a payment method directly in your DealPOS account? In this article, we have several payment methods that you can choose. One of them is QRIS we will explain how to add a

QRIS Payment Method to DealPOS. QRIS is electronic money for any payment and financial transaction that you can use. You can see the detailed steps down below:

Step 1. Go to Setup (Payment Tab), then Click Add

Payment Setup

Step 2. Fill Payment Name, Choose Payment Type, then Click Save

Add QRIS Payment Method

Step 3. QRIS Payment Method was Created Successfully

QRIS Payment Method was Created Successfully

Congratulations! You can directly use the QRIS payment method to sell.

Notes :

Make sure the server key you received has been applied to your DealPOS account. If not already applied, check the following articles 1 QRIS for All Outlets | 1 QRIS for Specific Outlet.

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