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Check Midtrans Payout History

How to check QRIS payment history

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DealPOS is already integrated with Gopay-QRIS payments where you can receive payments from all types of E-Wallet and BCA Mobile with just one QR-Code. If you are interested to integrate your DealPOS account with Gopay-QRIS, you can register a submission for a new merchant (Individual or Company). You can view your account details via Midtrans Mobile App.

Step 1. Open Midtrans Mobile App

Midtrans Mobile can be downloaded at Play Store (Android) / App Store (Apple).

Open Midtrans Mobile App

Step 2. Select Transaction to See Transaction History

See Transaction History

Step 3. Select Payouts

Payout is used to view the payable that can be paid into your account.

Select Payouts

Step 4. Click Top Right Icon to See The Latest Payments

See The Latest Payments

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