In some cases, our web apps icon is not available when you open it from your browser, that is because our font apps is blocked by the internet provider. For example: As if it can't be clicked, it can't do PAY, bad display, etc. Here is the step to change the VPN using browsec to enable our icon again.

Step 1. Search Google by Keyword "Download Browsec"

Choose the Chrome/Firefox Extension for Browsec (usually the link is at the top of search)

How to Download and Enable Browsec VPN on your Browser - Google Search

Step 2. Click the Add to Chrome Button and then Click the Add Extension

How to Download and Enable Browsec VPN on your Browser - Add Extension

Step 3. Click at the Browsec Icon at Top Right Corner then Turn It On

You can change the region by clicking the change button - Your DealPOS apps will back to normal after you turn the browsec on

How to Download and Enable Browsec VPN on your Browser - Turn on Browsec VPN

Notes :

It's recommended to select the virtual region "Singapore" for better connection network when enabling VPN Browsec.

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