In some cases, our web apps icon is not available when you open it from your browser, that is because our font apps is blocked by the internet provider. For example: As if it can't be clicked, it can't do PAY Etc.

Here is the step to change the VPN using browsec to enable our icon again.

Step 1. Search Google by Keyword "Download Browsec"

Choose the Chrome/Firefox Extension for Browsec (usually the link is at the top of search)


Step 2. Click the add to Chrome Button and then Click the add Extension


Step 3. Click at the Browsec Icon at the top right corner and then turn it on

You can change the region by clicking the change button - Your DealPOS apps will back to normal after you turn the browsec on


Tips : It's recommended to select the virtual region "Singapore" for better connection network when enabling VPN Browsec.

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