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How to delete data such as transactions, products, and others

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Formatting Data is a useful feature if you want to delete the existing data in your DealPOS account (Example: Master Product, Sales & Purchase Transactions, Contacts, etc). For a variety of reasons, such as dummy data that was previously inputted and needs to be reset so that it can be used from scratch, or other unique needs require your DealPOS account to be formatted/reset. And also you can "Clear Loyalty Point (reset customer point to 0) For detailed information, see the tutorial or the instructions below on how to format data :

Step 1. Go to Setup, Choose More Menu, then Select Format Data

Format Data Menu

Step 2. Input User Password, then Select Data to Format

Input Password to Format

Notes :

Password is mandatory when you want to input data format and you can only format your product, If the transaction data has been formatted first. Recently no.4 is our new feature, so you can reset customer loyalty point to 0.

Table Description :



Clear Image

Delete all image data from products and customers

Clear Transaction

Delete all purchase, sale and adjustment transaction data

Clear Products

Delte all data products

Clear Contact

Delete all customer, supplier and sales person contact data

Clear Loyalty Point

Delete all customer Loyalty Point

(set to 0)

Pop-up notification will appear as a confirmation of the data format.

Confirm to Format Data

Step 3. Data was Formatted

Data was Formatted

Values data will be zero after formatting.

Check Values Data After Formatting

Example :

Sales Orders have been formatted.

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