Sales type works when you separate your sales into several types. For example, for retail, you want to differentiate between offline and marketplace store sales (Tokopedia and Shopee) after you done the integration. In this following article, we will explain the steps for creating a sales type and using it on the marketplace configuration menu.

Table of Content :

I. Adding Sales Type

II. Use Sales Type In Marketplace configuration

III. Check Report Based on Sales Order Type

I. Adding Sales Type

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu, Click More Menu, then Click Sales Order

More Setup Menu

Step 2. Click Add Button

Add Sales Order Type

Step 3. Input Sales Type Form, then Click Save Button

Save Sales Type

Step 4. Sales Order Type Added Successfully

Sales Order Type was Added

II. How To Use Sales Type In Marketplace Configuration

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Marketplace, Try to Login with POS Account

Login Marketplace

Step 2. Go to Channel, then Select Any Channel

Configure on Channel

Step 3. Choose Sales Order Type

Choose Sales Order Type

III. View Report Based on Sales Order Type

Step 1. Go to Reports, Select Report Detail, then Filter Sales Order Type

View Report Filtered by Sales Order Type

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