Manual Price Synchronize

Change the selling price on the marketplace Apps.

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Are you using the marketplace integration in DealPOS? If you do so, this Price Comparison feature will be very useful for you in managing prices between POS and connected marketplaces. The main functions of Price Comparison are to:

  • To change the selling price on the marketplace without entering the seller center marketplace

  • To change the price in the marketplace, based on the price in the POS

So you don't need to change prices manually in the marketplace because everything has been integrated with DealPOS.

Table of Content :

I. Price on Marketplace Apps

Step 1. Go to Price (DealPOS Marketplace)

Manual Price Synchronize - Price Comparison
Compare Single Channel Price

II. How to Change Price in Marketplace

Step 1. Click Marketplace Price, then Set Product Price

Here I want to change the price for Baju Polo Hitam on Shopee :

Manual Price Synchronize - Change price manually

Step 2. Refresh Browser to See the Changes

The price will automatically be changed from Rp 17.000 to Rp 25.000

Manual Price Synchronize - Price changed after editing

III. Update Marketplace Price Based on POS Price

Step 1. Go to Price, Tick SKU, then Click Update

Tick SKU that is different between POS and marketplace, then you can update it based on POS price.

Manual Price Synchronize - How to update marketplace price based on POS price

Step 2. Select Marketplace Channel to Update, then Click Ok

For example, I choose Shopee.

Manual Price Synchronize - Choose channel to update

Step 3. Refresh Browser to See the Changes

Price changed/updated following the POS Price :

Manual Price Synchronize - Price changed based on POS price

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