In this Price sold in Channel page have two main function

1. To change the selling price on the marketplace without entering the seller center marketplace
2.To change the price in the marketplace, base on the price in the POS

so you don't need to change price manually in the marketplace because everything has been integrated with DealPOS

I. Price on Marketplace Apps

Select price Menu on marketplace Apps

II. How to change the price in the marketplace

Step 1. click Price on tab channel - input new price then save

Here I want to change the price for product Long sleeves T-Shirt on shopee

Step 2. Refresh your Browser on shopee page

The price will automatically be changed

III. How to update marketplace price based on POS price.

Step 1. Tick SKU then click update

Step 2. select market place then update

Step 3. Refresh your shopee page and it will automatically change the price.

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