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FAQ and tips regarding using a Promotion Coupon

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A coupon is a ticket or document with a random code that can be redeemed by a customer for a financial discount or return when purchasing a product. Coupons are now used in-store as part of sales promotions.

The DealPOS system now has a feature for creating coupon codes manually or generated automatically later on the codes that have been made can be distributed to customers through your outlet, Emails, SMS, Messages Via Social Media, etc.

I. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Maximum Number of Digits When Adding a Coupon Manually?

DealPOS provides a maximum of 20 digits on each voucher coupon.

2. What Combinations Could be Used When Adding Coupons Manually?

You can create a voucher manually with a combination of letters and numbers.

3. Does DealPOS Provide Print Coupon Vouchers?

At this time, DealPOS does not provide print vouchers, you can print vouchers to the Print Specialists, such as Print Coupon / Voucher.

II. Tips to Prevent Cheating When Using Gift Vouchers

1. Use the Hidden-Code Voucher

So when the voucher is about to be used, the Cashier has to scratch the voucher first to see the code.

2. Use the "CouponInputLock" Role to Limit the Cashier from Inputting the Voucher Code Manually into the DealPOS

If this role is assigned to the Cashier, they can only scan the Voucher to use it.

3. Restrict Users from Viewing Promotional Coupon Page

Give the coupon promotion page access only to the Team that creates and maintains the coupon vouchers. Because coupons are confidential, it's better when not all Users can see the Coupon database.

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