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Differentiate Inventory by Outlet
Differentiate Inventory by Outlet

How to separate the stock of each outlet in different marketplaces.

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If you have several outlets, each of which has a different marketplace account such as Shopee / Tokopedia and you want each of these marketplaces to have a different inventory then you can use this method. So you will get easier to maintain stock from each outlet in a different marketplace and will have more insight about your stock.

Notes :

In this case, if the transaction with the additional outlets is more than 25 transactions in a month it will be charged an additional fee, if less, no fee will be added.

Outlet list

Notes :

For example, I have two outlets named outlet 1 and outlet 2, where each outlet has a different marketplace account.

Step 1. Go to Channel, then Select Marketplace Channel

Select Marketplace Channel

Step 2. Click Configure

Configure Marketplace

Step 3. Setting POS Outlet Configuration

In the outlet configuration section, select the outlet that is the warehouse of the product, then click submit.

Set the Outlet Configuration (shopee)
Set the Outlet Configuration (tokped)

Notes :

For example, outlet 1 has a Shopee account and outlet 2 has a Tokopedia account.

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