If you are an owner who does not have an offline store (only sells on Instagram), we have a solution to find out what payments your customers use. With the Payment Link, you can provide a reliable payment link via chatting application, so you don't have to check account mutations manually.

With Midtrans Payment Link now you can Accept payments from any customer by creating a simple link. Then, you just have to share it with your buyers.

There are several steps you need to do to use this feature.

I. Registration

To register for this payment link, you must register through DealPOS.

II. Setup Midtrans Payment Link

After the registration process is successful you will be given a server key. You need to input the server key that you have into the Dealpos system to activate Midtrans Payment Link. You can follow these steps to input the server key into the dealpos system configuration:

Step. 1 Go to Setup Menu then Click More menu and then click Payment

Step 2. Input Server Key at Payment Link tab and then click Save button

III. Create UNPAID Transaction And Generate Midtrans Payment Link in Order Menu

Step 1. Create a sales transaction then click Pay button

Make sure you already input the customer name when create a sales transaction

Step 2. Choose Payment Later, set the due and click Ok Button

Step 3. Create Transaction Successful

Step 4. Go to Invoice Detail and then click button Pay, choose Generate Link

Step 5. Copy Midtrans Payment Link or sent via whats app

Step 6. Customers only need to click on the link that you sent and then make a payment according to the payment method they want.

Step 7. The payment status will change to paid automatically if the payment is successful

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