When you're having your website, you can make a notification based on the event that occurs on your website to DealPOS. For example, your website features allow you to see whose customer is coming right to your store, you can set a notification to the Sell menu in DealPOS that will inform about the customer based on the website. To set the Push Notification on the Sell menu, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to developer.dealpos.com and go to the endpoint for Create a Notification

To make your website able to send requests for push notifications, you must create the notification based on the outlets with API. For more information about the End Point to create a Notification from our API, you can go to this link: Create a Notification

Dealpos API

Step 2. Notification Archive

Notification Archive

if you want to see the Archived Notification, you must have a Notification role in group roles

Notification Group Roles

Step 3. Real-Time Notification

If you want to get real-time notifications, you can see the notification on the Sell Menu whenever there's an event from your website:

API Real-time Notification
Real-time notifications on Sell menu

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  • You can make the notification from the Fulfillment menu displayed in the Notification menu. To show the notification from the Fulfillment menu, you can see this article: How to get Notification for Pick Task


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