Composite product is one of the product type available on DealPOS. It is a products that contains component products inside. For example if you want to make a package bundling product you can use this type of product. To create this product type you can view on this link

How to Configure

Step 1. Go to, click channel, POS, and set configure Composite inventory to Yes

Step 2. Go to Products in POS, then Scan Channel

Step 3. Upload the product and Check the product availability in Channel

Step 4. Go to Inventory and Update the Composite Product stock

Step 5. Check the stock in Channel

Step 6. Update the Composite product's Component in POS

The component of this Composite products is 2 Hat per products. So, the Composite stock will be depended on how much the Components quantity stock that available.

The Composite bundle stock is 5 because there's only 10 Hat in inventory

Step 7. Change the quantity on Component product and update the stock in

Step 8. The Composite product stock on Inventory will be adjusted to three Product

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