In the process of Authorizing a Tokopedia account with DealPOS, sometimes several obstacles occur, one of which is that the approval email sent is not received / cannot be accessed. For approval, if it is not received via email, we provide an alternative way to do the Approval directly through the User Interface from Tokopedia. Please follow the steps below for the approval process via the Tokopedia User Interface:

Step 1. Go to Tokopedia Seller

Notes :

You can only access this menu if you access it via Desktop.

You can go to the Settings menu, then click Third Party Apps :

Tokopedia Seller

Step 2. Click Awaiting Approval

Tokopedia Seller - Third Party Application Settings

Usually, third party applications that have been submitted and waiting for approval will appear here, you can click Accept if you want to approve.

Dealpos access Type

Then you can click Apply.

Apply dealpos access

If you have confirmed for approval, Congratulations! You have successfully done the Approval, and only need to enter the ShopID provided via Email into the You can check the details in the Authorize Tokopedia article.

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