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Create New Product via Web Spreadsheet
Create New Product via Web Spreadsheet

This article will tell you about how to input product via UI web spreadsheet.

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Besides using the import & export method, you can also input the products data to DealPOS by direct input using a web spreadsheet. Direct input using a web spreadsheet means you can directly create the product by clicking the buttons and filling the forms available in the DealPOS user interface.

To add a list of products directly into DealPOS using the web spreadsheet, you can go to Tools Dealpos App and you can follow the steps below to insert a product using a web spreadsheet :

Step 1. Go to Product (New Product), then Fill Form

You can fill the form available such as Category, Product name, Variant name, Code, Supplier, Weight, UnitCost, UnitPrice, and outlet Inventory. After you've done filling out the form, you can click on the Save button on the upper right corner :

Create New Product

Step 2. Save Product

After you click save button, there will be a notification that indicates if the process for creating the new product is success :

Save Product

After you've done creating the product, you can go to DealPOS and search for the product :

Recheck Product in DealPOS

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