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Turn On Notification for Pick Task
Turn On Notification for Pick Task

Enable notification if you have task to do in Pick menu

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In the Fulfillment menu in DealPOS, we can assign the task of picking products to the cashier or delivery staff. When you receive a Pick task, you can Turn on the notification option to be notified in real-time if there is an assignment for a Pick. Check out the guide below for more information.

Table of Content :

I. Activate Notification Roles

Step 1. Go to Users (Groups Tab), then Select Any Group

You can choose the Groups tab, then click the Groups name that you want to permit to get Notification.

How to get Notification for Pick Task - How to set Roles

Step 2. Enable Notification Roles, then Click Submit

Crosscheck the Notification roles on My Profile.

How to get Notification for Pick Task - How to Subscribe Notification at DealPOS

Then you can click Submit to save the changes.

Notes :

Try to Logout & Login after you make changes in the Roles settings.

The notification that comes from the DealPOS can be shown on the DealPOS website page when you have the Notification Roles on your User's Group. But, the notification that is shown in the Windows Desktop can only be shown if you've turned on the notification setting on the Browser Permission Menu

II. How to Check Notification

Step 1. Click Store Name, then Select Notification

How to get Notification for Pick Task - Check Notification

Step 2. Click Subscribe, Choose Outlet, then Click Ok

Choose outlet that you want to get notified.

How to get Notification for Pick Task - How to Subscribe Notification at DealPOS

Notes :

You can only subscribe to 1 Outlet for every User.

Step 3. Turn Notification On Browser

Click on the Browser Permission (lock icon on Google chrome, this menu is sometimes different because it depends on what browser you're using for open DealPOS) and turn on the Notifications.

Enable Permission

You must activate this Notifications menu on your web browser to receive the incoming notification from DealPOS on your Windows Desktop. If the Icon didn't show the permission menu on your browser page, you can go to your browser setting:

Setting Browser
Privacy & Security on Browser
Send Notification

Step 4. Try to Create Pick Task from Fulfillment Menu

How to get Notification for Pick Task - Create new Pick task

Step 5. Notification was Successfully Displayed

How to get Notification for Pick Task - Notification Pop up (Pick task)

Notes :

This notification will pop up for 1 minute, and can be Displayed in any Menu in real-time.

The notification will also appear on your desktop when you have turned on your browser permission setting to show the incoming notification on Google Chrome from DealPOS website:

Pop Up Notification will Appear

Step 6. View Notification History

If you're away from PC/Desktop for a while, don't worry about the outstanding notification, you can still check the notification history by clicking the Notification button.

How to get Notification for Pick Task - Notification history at DealPOS

[Tutorial Video] How to Get Notification for Pick Task

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