On the Inventory menu at the marketplace.dealpos.the app, Not in POS tab displays products that already exist in WooCommerce, but are not yet in POS. Product synchronization with Not in POS is suitable if your WooCommerce is already running, but not yet running DealPOS. You can download your products data in WooCommerce into POS with the Not in POS tab.

In the Not in POS tab there are two product differences, if we check the picture above, we can see that there are products that have the labels 'No SKU' & 'Download', go check the following explanation:

  • No SKU: Products in WooCommerce do not have SKUs, you can complete the SKUs first if you want to download them into POS. It is because for the integration process between POS and WooCommerce it is necessary to use the same SKU for both products.

  • Download: If the download button appears on the product, it means that the product is ready for download.

I. Update a Product on WooCommerce

Step 1. Add SKU on Empty SKU product

For example the product above, White Casual Shoes does not yet have an SKU, and we can update it by giving the SKU to the product. Click on Product name:

Step 2. Click Inventory, and fill the SKU

For example, I added SKU Sneakers003 to the White Casual Shoes product.

Click the Update button after editing the product.

II. Download the product you just created into POS

Step 1. Scan channel in the marketplace.dealpos.app

The main purpose is to do Scan Channel to update any changes in WooCommerce.

Step 2. Scan channel Complete

Step 3. The product has been successfully updated (changed 'No SKU' to 'Download')

Click Download on White Casual Shoes product:

Step 4. Go to POS

The product has been successfully synced & has been successfully downloaded to POS:

VIDEO TUTORIAL Synchronize Product WooCommerce (In POS and Not In POS)

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