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Setup Reprint Restriction
Setup Reprint Restriction
Learn how to make user's groups cannot make reprint customer invoices
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When you're making the sales transaction on the Sell menu in DealPOS, you can automatically print the customer invoice after you click the pay button in the Sell menu. Besides making customer invoice prints after making a sales transaction, you can also reprint the previous customer invoice in the Orders menu. This reprint action can also be restricted for some user groups. So you can set up which user group can do the reprint transaction in the orders menu.

Step 1. Go to Users (Groups Tab), then Select Group

Go to the User menu, click on the Group tab, and click on the Group that you want to restrict to reprint from the Orders menu.

Users Group

Step 2. Go to Orders Section, then Activate Reprint Restriction

Go to Orders Roles, click More permissions, and click on the ReprintRestriction, then you can click Submit to apply the changes.

Orders Roles

Notes :

There are 2 ways to knowing that ReprintRestriction has been activated.

Step 3. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

If you set ReprintRestriction and you will see the Print Receipt button will be disappeared on that user :

Sell menu after payment - print receipt dissapear

Step 4. Go to Orders, then Recheck Reprint Button on Invoice Detail

On the Orders menu, and see the Invoice print button will be disappeared on that user as well

Orders Menu Reprint Invoices

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