When creating a sales transaction, there will be a customer invoice printed right after the transaction is completed. But if you want to re-print the previous customer invoice, you can re-print the customer invoice in the Orders menu. When doing a re-print customer invoice you can mark the re-printed customer invoice as a customer invoice copy to differentiate the customer invoice that has been printed after the transaction is complete and the customer invoice that has been printed from the Orders menu (re-printed customer invoice)

This article will explain how to make a copy label mark on the re-printed customer invoice, so you will know the difference between a copy receipt and the original receipt. You can follow the steps below:

I. Configuration through Setup Menu

Step 1. Go to Setup menu, select more menu, click the printing menu

More menu

Step 2. Choose printing configuration, choose Customer Invoice, go to Header tab, tick Yes on the Receipt copy Label, and enter the customized label to appear on the re-printed customer invoice

Printing configuration

Step 3. Try to re-print the customer invoice from the Orders menu, then you can see the result

Receipt copy

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