When you log in to your DealPOS account, you will enter a session where the user that you use to log in will automatically log out within 2 days as long as you are not doing any activity in any DealPOS menus. This event is called Session Expiration Time. By default, the Session Expiration Time is set to be 2 days.

In order to enhance the security aspects of your DealPOS domain, you can set the default time of Session Expiration Time. So whenever a user is logged in to your DealPOS domain and is not doing any activity, the user will be automatically logged out.

You can follow the steps below to set the default time of session expiration time :

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu & Select Developer Configuration

Developer Configuration

Step 2. Go to JWT Tab, then Set Expiration Time as Needed

You must input the Expiration Time in the Second format (1 day = 86400 seconds).

Set Login Expiration Time

Notes :

In order to open this developer configuration in the Setup menu, your user's group must have Setup > Developer Roles as shown in the image below :

Step 3. Click Save, then Recheck the Change

Save Configuration

In the example image above, we set the Expiration Time as 60 seconds. So when the user is not doing any activity on DealPOS for 1 minute, the user will be logged out automatically :

Auto Logout

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