We need protection for our system from Outsiders. That's why we provide feature that can Setup IP Address Restriction for DealPOS. And this article tells how to limit the IP Address User login system. But for now, you can only use this feature on the Google Chrome.

Table of Content :

I. Setup IP Address Restrictions

II. Setup IP that Only Allow to Login

I. Setup IP Address Restrictions

Step 1. Go to Users, then Open Tab Groups

Go to Users and Choose Groups

Step 2. Select Any Group, then Enable User IP Restriction

Select the group that you want to give restriction then mark checklist on the 'UserIPRestriction' role, click Save.

Users - UserIPRestriction

II. Setup IP that Only Allow to Login

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Login

Step 2. Fill IP Address to Restrict

Fill the IP in the 'Login IP Address' section at the bottom of this session according to your computer IP address.

Set the IP(s) and Save

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