In this article we will guide you to get information about statistic product in each channel. This feature lets you see how many products are in live product, sold in channel and not in pos, so you can compare the ratio between channels. In addition, we provide functions to clear synchronization data and scan channel.

Step 1. Go to Report menu, select more menu then choose product report - product statistic

product report - product statistic

In this section you will found each channel with Live Product, Sold in Channel, product Not in POS, before that here are the explanation for each of them:

Live Product: The total of all products in the marketplace

Sold in Channel: Sync product both are available on marketplace and POS

Product not in POS: Product that has been on marketplace, but Not in DealPOS

tooltip (live product)

notes: to see your Live Product on marketplace you can click "?" tooltip on Live Product

tooltip (live product)

Step 2. to see how many product that are in Sold in Channel and product Not in POS, you may click the number on each section.

Ex: there is 29 product in Sold in Channel and 0 products on Not in POS

how many product (sold in channel)
how many product (not in pos)

Step 3. to refresh 3 section between Live Product, Sold in Channel, and Not in POS. You can click scan button and will show you the last sync

scan channel

scan channel

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