Do you have a business processing raw materials into finished products ? This manufacture menu will be very useful for you if you buy raw materials & manage them into finished products, for example such as a bakery/cake shop, furniture store (own production), etc. We can also calculate service expenses in the process of managing raw materials in the manufacture menu.

DealPOS has provided a report feature for manufacture. Users can check the product output that has been made along with the details of the material (input). Read the following steps to view the report :

Step 1. Go to Manufacture, then Select Tab Report

Notes :

If the manufacture feature does not appear on the side menu, please ensure that the username used to login has been granted access to "View Manufacture"

Step 2. Manufacture Production was Opened

Notes :

  1. Material Used is the amount of the total material used from all production.

  2. Output is the result of the production of a job order that is done.

Step 3. Use Filter or Export Data (Optional)

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