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Shopee Transaction Notes
Shopee Transaction Notes
To view shopee transaction notes on DealPOS
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Marketplace Integration is one of the features that DealPOS has, so that when there is a sale transaction on the marketplace, it can be recorded into the POS and automatically generate sales reports, and can also record stock reductions from sales in the marketplace. Of course, the integration of this marketplace will make it easier to record sales reports, especially if the marketplace used to sell is more than 1 channel.

So, in the latest version of the marketplace, DealPOS has provided a feature to display notes made by shopee customers on invoice notes made at DealPOS (invoices taken from shopee orders). Before using this new feature you must Authorize Shopee Channel first and do other things on marketplace, such as activating the sync order feature.

There are 2 recommended schemes for using this feature, trying to place an order from your shopee shop or wait for your shopee shop to receive genuine orders from buyers. In this article we will use the first scheme.

Notes :

Try to know all things for starting marketplace integration : Getting Started for Marketplace Integration.

Step 1. Try to Order / Buy Product from Shopee

Buy Product from Shopee

Notes :

You have to make sure that the product you bought at Shopee is already at DealPOS and product stock was available.

Step 2. Input Order Notes, then Make an Order

Input Order Notes, then Make an Order

Step 3. Try to Check Invoice Note on DealPOS

Try to Check Invoice Note on DealPOS

Notes :

Invoice note submitted by the buyer will also be entered in the DealPOS invoice.

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