Bulk Delete Promotion Coupon

Bulk delete promotion coupon if you mistakenly created too many or other cases

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A coupon is a ticket or document with a random code that can be redeemed by a customer for a financial discount or return when purchasing a product. Coupons are now used in-store as part of sales promotions.

The DealPOS system now has a feature for creating coupon codes manually or generated automatically later on the codes that have been made can be distributed to customers through your outlet, Emails, SMS, Messages Via Social Media, etc.

There is a condition, where some coupons have expired and then the shop owner wants to delete the coupons. But there is another obstacle, which is that there are too many coupons that you want to delete. DealPOS has provided a feature to remove bulk promotion coupons through DealPOS Tools.

Notes :

  • The required DealPOS version is 11.8.8 or above to run this feature

  • Make sure you have access to DealPOS Tools

I. Create Promotion Coupon

Step 1. Go to Promotion, Select the Promotion Coupon Tab, then Click Add

Promotion Coupon

Step 2. Fill Coupon Detail Information, then Click Save to Generate

Fill coupon detail information

Step 3. Coupon was Successfully Generated

Coupon already success generate

Notes :

To use a promotion coupon when selling products, please check this article: Use Promotion Coupon.

II. Bulk Delete Promotion Coupon

Step 1. Go to Promotion, Select Promotion Coupon Tab, then Click Export

Export Coupon

Step 2. Open Exported File (CSV Format), then Copy All Coupon Key

Copy Coupon Number

Step 3. Login to DealPOS Tools


Step 4. Go to Promotion, then Paste All Coupon Key (Copied from CSV File)

enter coupon code

Step 5. Remove Quotation Mark ('), then Click Delete

Make sure to remove all of quotation mark in the beginner of coupon number

remove ' on coupon number
delete coupon

Step 6. Coupon was Successfully Deleted

success deleted

Step 7. Recheck Coupon on Promotion Coupon List

recheck coupon

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