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Transfer Order Scenario on Jurnal Id Integration
Transfer Order Scenario on Jurnal Id Integration

Learn the scenario for transfer order between Outlets from Deal POS to Jurnal Id

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In case you want to send some of your product stocks from one outlet to another outlet (or warehouses), you can make a transfer order in Deal POS. If you're using Jurnal Id and your Jurnal Id is already integrated with Deal POS, the transfer order you've made in the Deal POS can also be automatically created into your Jurnal Id. To see the detailed information about the integrated transfer order form Deal POS to Jurnal Id, you can see the steps below.

Table of Content :

I. How to Configure

Step 1. Go to Jurnal ID, then Create 2 Different Warehouses/Outlets

Create 2 Different Warehouses/Outlets

In order to create 2 new warehouses, you must at least use the enterprise package in the Jurnal ID.

Jurnal ID Subscription

Step 2. Go to DealPOS x Jurnal

Go to DealPOS x Jurnal

Step 3. Go to Outlets Menu, then Choose Any Mapped Outlet

Choose Any Mapped Outlet

Step 4. Assign Warehouse from Jurnal ID, then Click Save

Assign Warehouse from Jurnal ID

To create a transfer order, make sure that you've already input the warehouses from all the outlets that will act as the receiver or sender.

II. How the Configuration Works

Step 1. Create Transfer Order in DealPOS

In the example below, we create a transfer order to send Chino Pants (28) from Outlet1 to Outlet2 for 20 qty.

Create Transfer Order in DealPOS
Transfer Order was Completed

Step 2. Go to Jurnal ID, then Check Transfer Order from DealPOS

Log in to Jurnal Id, go to the Other lists menu, choose Transaction list, and filter to Warehouse Transfer.

The transfer order from Deal POS will be created automatically into Jurnal Id as a warehouse transfer.

Check Transfer Order from DealPOS

Notes :

You cannot upload transfer orders manually from DealPOS to Jurnal ID. Transfer orders can only be created automatically to Jurnal ID.

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