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Authorize Lazada Seller Center with Omni
Authorize Lazada Seller Center with Omni
To integrate lazada seller account with DealPOS Omni
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Omni Channel Integration is one of the features that DealPOS provide, when there is a sales transaction on the marketplace, it can be recorded into the POS and automatically generate sales reports, and can also record stock reductions from sales transaction in the marketplace.

Before adding marketplace channels, you need to authorize and make sure that the user you use to login into the marketplace app already has role access to the DealPOS Omni. To authorize Lazada Seller Account for the channel in the omni app, you can follow the steps below :

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Omni, then Input POS Domain

Fill DealPOS Link

Step 2. Submit POS Login (Username & Password), then Click Login

Fill Login ID

Step 3. Go to Channel, then Click Add

Add Channel

Step 4. Click Authorize Account on Lazada Platform

Authorize Lazada

Notes :

Before authorizing lazada seller account, the user must have a lazada seller account, and please make sure the account status is active to avoid problems in integration.

Here is one of the several problems when lazada seller account status is not active, the user won't has access to upload product from DealPOS to Lazada :

Lazada Seller Account wasn't Active

Step 5. Submit Lazada User Information

Submit Lazada User Information

Step 6. Channel was Integrated, then Click Add to My Channel

Channel was Integrated

Notes :

The user must configure several things on the channel before synchronizing anything.

Step 7. Open Lazada Channel

Configure Lazada Channel

Notes :

The system will mark the channel in yellow caller if the channel has not been configured yet.

Step 8. Click Configure to Setting Channel Detail

Configure Channel

Notes :

The system will give a yellow color to the settings that need to be filled.

Step 9. Configure Channel, then Click Submit

Turn On Synchronization

Notes :

Turn on sync order & inventory, setting outlet and orders configuration before submitting.

Step 10. Channel was Integrated, Try to Test the Channel!

Channel was Completely Integrated

Notes :

A channel test is performed to ensure whether the integration was successful.

Channel Test was Successful

Index Properties:

Marketplace Setup





Name of your channel

Lazada Batsy Shop


The type of your marketplace Shopee


Shop ID

Your shop id number


Marketplace URL

Your marketplace Link




New Order transactions

The transactions will be recorded to the assigned Outlet

Dispatch Orders from inventory

Inventory sends from the assigned Outlet

Product Inventory

Total Inventory shows from assigned Outlet(s)




Payment Method

Payment methods that will be used when the orders are synced from Marketplace to DealPOS

Sales Order Tag

Set type of Orders


Set the tax that is in use




Synchronize Order

Permission to allow Paid Orders synchronization from Marketplace to DealPOS

Synchronize Inventory

Permission to allow Inventory synchronization from DealPOS to Marketplace

Synchronize Unpaid Order

Permission to allow Unpaid Orders synchronization from Marketplace to DealPOS

Service Fee



Enable Write Off

Record marketplace service fee in POS as write off

Write Off Reason

Reason for write off

(Advanced) Log



Inventory Log Mode

To bring up inventory movement records in the Log menu


Not record inventory movement


Only records failed inventory movements


Displays all successful and failed logs






Outlet register name, if you don't have 2 or more separated register on your outlet, you can keep this empty


Customer Default Email

Default email customers if you don't want to record customer data to DealPOS from the marketplace. Note: You must create a contact name with the same email on DealPOS

Minimum Inventory

Minimal Inventory on Channel, if product inventory is below minimum inventory will automatically update to 0


Additional Item

To put extra Items like Complement Product for your Marketplace Orders automatically

Paper Bag


To set the index list from the current channel in the channel list




New Order to

The order that accommodated the transaction

Dispatch Order from

The outlet that orders will send from

Product Inventory

Inventory Outlet Reduce from

Sales Order Tag

Set type of Orders

Payment Method

Payment Method that is in use


Set tax that is in use

Sync Order

Permission to allow synchronized orders from Marketplace to DealPOS

Sync Inventory

Permission to allow synchronized inventory from Marketplace to DealPOS

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