Marketplace Integration is one of the features that DealPOS provide, when there is a sales transaction on the marketplace, it can be recorded into the POS and automatically generate sales reports, and can also record stock reductions from sales transaction in the marketplace.

Before adding marketplace channels, you need to authorize and make sure that the user you use to login into the marketplace app already has role access to the marketplace app. To authorize Lazada Seller Account for marketplace channel in the marketplace app, you can follow the steps below :

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Marketplace, then Input POS Domain

Login DealPOS Marketplace (Domain)

Step 2. Submit POS Login (Username & Password), then Click Login

Login DealPOS Marketplace (User)

Step 3. Go to Channel, then Click Add

Add Channel

Step 4. Click Authorize Account on Lazada Platform

Authorize Lazada

Notes :

Before authorize lazada seller account, user must have a lazada seller account, and please make sure the account status is active to avoid problems in integration.

Here is one of the several problems when lazada seller account status is not active, user won't has access to upload product from DealPOS to Lazada :

Lazada Seller Account wasn't Active

Step 5. Submit Lazada User Information

Submit Lazada User Information

Step 6. Channel was Integrated, then Click Add to My Channel

Channel was Integrated

Notes :

User must configure several things on channel before synchronizing anything.

Step 7. Open Lazada Channel

Configure Lazada Channel

Notes :

The system will mark the channel in yellow caller if the channel has not been configured yet.

Step 8. Click Configure to Setting Channel Detail

Configure Lazada Channel (Detail)

Notes :

The system will give a yellow color to the settings that need to be filled.

Step 9. Configure Channel, then Click Submit

Submit Configuration

Notes :

Turn on sync order & inventory, setting outlet and orders configuration before submit.

Step 10. Channel was Completely Integrated, Try to Test Channel!

Channel was Completely Integrated

Notes :

Channel test is performed to ensure whether the integration was successful.

Channel Test was Successful

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