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Reserved Stock in Marketplace App
Reserved Stock in Marketplace App

How to identify a reserved stock from marketplace

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When you're about to create an outlet promotion (Promo Toko) in Shopee (or some other marketplaces), you can set up to keep how much stock from the products that will be reserved for the promotion. When you're using the Marketplace integration feature by Deal POS, the reserved stock from that promotion will not count in the The reserved stock will be separated from the available stock and it will make your Inventory looks different in the Inventory comparison menu in the

To see detailed information about what is reserved stock, you can see the steps and the example scenario below:

I. How to create a promotion with reserved stock

Step 1. Go to your marketplace seller center (Shopee), click on the Marketing center (Promosi Saya), and create a discount promotion (Promo Toko)

Shopee Promotion

Step 2. Click Create promotion (Buat) Button

Create Promotion Shopee

Step 3. Fill in the Information for the promotion and click add product (Tambah Produk) button

Name Promotion Shopee

Step 4. Set the reserved product stock for promotion and click confirm

Set the reserved stock Shopee Promotion

Step 5. The promotion was successfully saved and the product stock is reserved for 10 qty

Save success Promotion Shopee

II. How to see the reserved stock in the marketplace app

Step 1. Log in to

Step 2. Go to the Inventory comparison menu and choose the Shopee channel

Inventory Comparison

The reserved stock will be detected on the Inventory comparison menu. When the product is sold out offline, the product stock in the marketplace will not be affected until the promotion period is over

Product Inventory
Product Inventory Shopee Seller Center

When the promotion period is over. The stock from that product will be adjusted back to normal, and you have to update the product stock manually by using the update manual stock on

Update Manual Stock

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