The latest update on DealPOS, is recently we can handle printing logistics that allow you to have an option either showing cost or price visible. So, when you are printing invoices they will be separated between cost and price, regarding your setting. On how to set up, you may check this step below, we will guide you step by step :

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Printing

Go to Setup menu, click on more menu (3 lines in right-top of the screen), then click Printing menu.

setup configuration

Click on Logistics tab, then you can configure this visibility based on your preferences.

printing config

Table of Content :


Inbound Logistics

  • Default Label for Inbound Logistics Header

Outbound Logistics (Send Order)

  • Default Label for Outbound Logistics Header

Transfer Order

  • Default header for Transfer Order Header


Delivery Payment Terms Visible

  • Display terms of payment if used (Payment Later (TOP))

Cost Visible

  • Display Cost on Delivery Order (Transfer Order)

Price Visible

  • Display Price on Delivery Order (Transfer Order)

Items Table

Logistics Product Code

  • Display Price on Delivery Order (Transfer Order)


Logistics Note

  • Show Logistics note in footer

Example :

Cost and Price Visible

cost and price

Only Cost Visible


Only Price Visible


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