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DealPOS Mobile Apps for iMin Device
DealPOS Mobile Apps for iMin Device

Installation DealPOS Apps on iMin Device

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Founded in 2018, iMin is a service provider in the field of intelligent business. They integrate thoughtfully designed hardware solutions with the latest IoT, AI, and cloud upgrades to help businesses run more productively.

iMin Device

iMin is also known as a site that has a cash register device that is integrated with the mainstay POS application in Indonesia. One of the applications that can be used on the iMin Device is DealPOS.

I. Minimum Requirement

Step 1. Android Version

Before accessing the DealPOS App on the iMin Device, users must have an iMin Device with a minimum version of Android 10 or above. Because if the version is below it will experience many problems (Not Support for Below Android 10). Users can check from the device settings or directly ask the seller for device specifications before buying.

Check Android Version

Notes :

The device must use Version 10 of Android or above to use DealPOS App.

Step 2. Update Webview App

Users must ensure that the Webview App on their iMin Device is updated to the latest version, so the screen display when opening the DealPOS App is not blank.

Update Webview App

Notes :

Go to Playstore to Update Android System WebView to the Latest Version.

II. Get DealPOS App

Get DealPOS App

Usually, to get applications and install them on the Android system, you can search from "Playstore". But, with a special exception for this iMin Device, you will not be able to find the DealPOS application on the Playstore.

Unavailable DealPOS App on iMin Google Play

Because the application cannot be found on the "Playstore", so the user must install the application manually. Users can get the application by contacting the DealPOS customer support team on the following Whatsapp Number 0859-2115-2000 / 0857-7830-9000.

DealPOS will send a link/URL containing the Application. So, users can get the application by downloading it. If users already download the app, users can directly install the app.

Notes :

By reason of user can't download DealPOS App from Playstore, whenever DealPOS has published the latest version of the app, the user must contact DealPOS Team to get the latest version of the app. So, users can't update the app automatically.

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