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Inventory Based on Product Brand
Inventory Based on Product Brand
How to check and view product inventory based on product brand
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Sometimes the products sold by the stores come from various brands. Usually, consignment shops sell the most often products that are not originally made by the stores, but products from the other store brands.

DealPOS has provided a feature to check product stock based on the brand of the product. The purpose of developing this feature is to check the remaining stock of products from a certain brand / by brands. Read the steps below to check product stock by brand :

Step 1. Go to Inventory, then Select Brand Tab

Inventory by Brand

Step 2. Filter Inventory Data as Needed (Optional)

Users could filter data by outlet (if they have multi-outlet) and discontinue status.

Filter Inventory Data

Table of Index :

Column Name



Showing product brand

On Hand

Showing product inventory by brand (accumulates with allocated inventory and available inventory)

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