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Difference Between Token Expired & Shop Expired in Omnichannel
Difference Between Token Expired & Shop Expired in Omnichannel

This article will explain the differences between shop expiration and token expiration.

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Have you ever experienced a situation on Omnichannel where you wanted to update product stock or upload products from POS to a marketplace, or when there was a transaction or order that did not exist in the POS? and when you tried to download orders, you received a notification that the Token/Shop had expired. This article will explain the difference between Token Expired and Shop Expired. If you have any issues due to a Token or Shop Expired, you can follow the Renew Authorized article to reactivate it.. Let's explore the article below:

In the integration of Marketplace channels with DealPOS, we have two expiration periods: Token Expired and Shop Expired.

In Token Expired, each marketplace channel has a different duration for the expiration period, but all channels will automatically update if there is a trigger on the channel. For example, on the TikTok channel, the token expiration is on May 25, 2023. If there is a trigger such as new transactions, clicking Test Channel, or updating inventory, the token validity period will be extended by 3 days.

Note: There is a possibility that the token expiration may not update automatically. For example, if there are no triggers performed or if there is a system error. In such cases, a manual renewal must be done.

Then, Shop Expired only applies to Shopee and TikTok channels. This refers to the period in which sellers allow their shops to be managed by DealPOS. For Shop Expired, on TikTok, sellers can choose how long they want their TikTok account to be integrated. If a seller chooses 1 year, they need to Renew Authorization after 1 year to extend the validity period.

Note: For Shop Expired, customers will be notified 1 week before the expiration period to perform a Renew.

Summary :
โ€‹Token Expired refers to a token that can automatically update and doesn't require manual renewal if there are triggers such as test channels, new transactions, or inventory updates. Then, Shop Expired refers to a token that needs to be manually updated within a specific timeframe (e.g., 1 year forward).

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