When you're using Shopee integration with DealPOS, you have to renew your Shopee authorization once a year because Shopee authorization will expire in one year. The following article is a tutorial on how to Renew Shopee authorization for DealPOS Marketplace.

Step 1. Check your expired date in the Channel menu, click the Shopee channel, then see the expiration date there

Shopee channel

Step 2. Click on the expiration date

Shopee channel expiration date

Step 3. Login to Authorize Shopee Openplatform APP

Login to Shopee

Step 5. Confirm Authorization

Confirm Authorization

Step 6. Go to Channel menu in marketplace.dealpos.app, then click Test on the Shopee channel

Channel Test

Your Shopee channel expiration date will be extended 1 year

Success renew shopee authorization

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