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Renew Shopee Authorization
Renew Shopee Authorization

Shopee authorization has a 1-year active period. This article shows you how to renew your Shopee authorization

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When you're using Shopee integration with DealPOS, you have to renew your Shopee authorization once a year because Shopee authorization will expire in one year. And, if when refreshing your Shopee channel or when performing actions such as updating inventory or downloading orders, you encounter an error like the image below, you will need to perform a Renew Shopee Authorization. To do so, you can follow the instructions in the article below:

Renew Shopee Authorize

Step 1. Go to Channel, then Select Any Channel

Check your expired date in the channel menu, click the Shopee Channel, then see the expiration date there.

Choose Channel

Step 2. Click Authorize then Click Extend on the Expiration Date

Renew Authorization

Step 3. Login to Shopee Seller (Authorization)

Login to Shopee Seller

Step 5. Confirm Authorization

Confirm Authorization

Step 6. Go to Channel, then Click Test on Shopee Channel

Test on Shopee Channel

Your Shopee channel expiration date will be extended by 1 year.

Authorization was Updated

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