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Print Barcode with Outlet Price

How to print product barcode with outlet price

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If you have several outlets and the product prices at each outlet are different, you can print barcodes with several different outlet prices.

Check Outlet Price Before Printing

Before printing barcodes with outlet prices, make sure that the product you want to print barcodes already has an outlet price. Check the article to set up different prices for outlet Setup Different Price for Each Outlet.

This article will explain how to print barcodes with outlet prices.

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Barcode, then Try to Login

Input your DealPOS domain and make sure you type & choose the right domain.

Login to DealPOS Barcode (Input Domain)

Input your user login and password.

Login to DealPOS Barcode (Input User & Password)

Step 2. Click Settings Icon

Click Settings Icon

Step 3. Go to Price Tab, Assign Outlet Price, then Click Ok

Assign Outlet Price

Notes :

You must assign the outlet price before adding the variant to the print preview to apply the outlet price configuration.

Step 4. Add Variant to Print, then Click Ok

Add Variant to Print

Recheck the price displayed in the barcode print preview.

Recheck The Price in Barcode

Compare the price in the product/variant detail.

Compare General Price & Outlet Price

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