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Recalculate Sales Report
Recalculate Sales Report

Recalculate the sales amount in the report menu by products using Tools App

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Whenever you create a sales transactions from the Sell menu, there will be a Customer invoices that will be created from the sales transactions. The customer invoices made from the sell menu will generate reports based on what you need. For example, you can see the Sales report by products in the Reports menu to see the sales amount based on products that has been sold.

I. Why the Sales Amount in Reports by Products is 0

In the previous version of DealPOS, we cannot see the real sales amount from the sales report by products because we cannot handle the sales amount calculation if there's any discount amount on the invoice level (the sales amount is not included with the deduction from discount amount per-invoice).

But in the latest version of DealPOS (12.4.1) due to the code optimization in the update version, if there's discount amount on the invoice level, the sales amount in the reports by product will also be deducted from the discount amount per-invoice

Due to our new calculation on the sales amount in report by products, the previous transactions from your Reports by product after your DealPOS version is updated will showing 0 amount of Sales. To fix the 0 sales amount, we can recalculate the sales amount in the Reports by products using To recalculate the 0 sales amount in the report by products, you can read the instructions below:

II. How to Recalculate the Sales Amount in Reports by Products

For the example, here is the reports by products sales amount after update to new version:

Report by Product

Step 1. Go to and login with your DealPOS account

Step 2. Go to Recalculate module and click on Recalculate Net Sales

redcalculate net sales

Step 3. Filter the Date range that you want to fix the Sales amount in Report by Products and click the Calculate button

Input date range

Step 4. Go back to the Reports by products and check the Sales amount

Report by product fixed

The sales amount from reports by products is recalculated with the new calculation and not showing 0 amount of Sales

Important Notes:

*The recalculate process can only works for maximum 10,000 customer invoices in one ranged dates, if you have more than 10,000 customer invoices you can try to shorten the date range when using Recalculate the Net sales.

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