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Product Sheet for Stocktaking
Product Sheet for Stocktaking

How to use the Product Sheet to perform stocktaking based on the stock inventory system and the real actual stock in the store.

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In the Adjustment menu, you can use the Product Sheet tab, which is useful for checking the stock balance between the DealPOS system inventory and the actual real stock in the store. The stock displayed on the Product Sheet will match what is in the inventory. You can also use filtering by outlet and filter data based on the product code or product name. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Open the Adjustment Menu, Click More Menu, and Click Product Sheet

Product Sheet tab on Adjustment

Step 2. Product Sheet Already Opened

Product Sheet

You can export the data to CSV/XLSX.

Step 3. You can filter Outlet or Sort Products (Optional)

Filter Product Sheet

Example of export results:

Example of export result

You can crosscheck between stock in the system & stock in the warehouse using the XLSX/CSV file.

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