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Re-Map Outlet Name in Omnichannel
Re-Map Outlet Name in Omnichannel

How to update the outlet name on Omnichannel when there is a change in the outlet name on DealPOS

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Some DealPOS users have experienced transactions or invoices from marketplaces not recorded in DealPOS. This can happen for some reasons, such as product codes or stock not being synchronized. Or it could also be due to a difference in outlet name because you Rename Outlet on POS. If you have configured channels like this:

Configure Outlet Omni

And, if you change the name of the Outlet in DealPOS, the settings in Omnichannel are not updated automatically, so it has to be reconfigured to update. Below are the steps for updating the outlet name in Omnichannel:

Step 1. Login to Omnichannel

Login to Omnichannel

Step 2. Click Channel Menu then Click One of the Channels

Channel Marketplace

Step 3. Click Configure

Configure Outlet Omni

Step 4. Change Outlet Name to Newest Outlet Name then Submit

COnfigure Outlet Omni

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