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Setup Multiple Marketplace Channels into One Warehouse/Outlet
Setup Multiple Marketplace Channels into One Warehouse/Outlet

You can differentiate reports between marketplace channels if you're using only one outlet.

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If you only have 1 Outlet and want to integrate multiple Marketplace channels while also wanting to differentiate their reports, you can achieve this by using Sales Tag Order setting where you can differentiate the tags for each channel.

You can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Before Starting to Configure the Channel, You can Add a New Tag First

Sales tag order marketplace

You can follow the tutorial for creating a new tag in the following article: Add New Sales Tag Order


If you haven't integrated your channel or if there are channels that haven't been integrated yet, you can follow the articles below for each respective channel: (Shopee) / (Tokopedia) / (WooCommerce) / (TikTok Shop) / (Lazada)

Step 2. Click Configure on Channel Marketplace

Configure Channel

Step 3. Fill in All Columns for The Same Outlet

Fill all column configure

Step 4. Fill in The Tag Column According to The Marketplace Channel

Fill sales tag order


For the Column Tag & Payment Method, you can fill it according to the respective marketplace channel (For example, if you're configuring the Shopee channel, you can use the tag "Shopee").

Step 5. Configure the Tags and Outlets for Each Marketplace Channel

Finished add new sales tag order

Here's what will happen if you don't differentiate the Sales Order Tags:

The number of transactions will be the same for each channel, which results in you not being able to view reports for each individual marketplace channel.

Here's an example of a warning if you configure the sales tag order incorrectly:

This description will appear when configuring the Sales Order Tag is incorrect or there is a configuration error in the channel.

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