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Add Restrictions for Payment Methods in several Outlets
Add Restrictions for Payment Methods in several Outlets

How to separate the payment methods used in each outlet or in Omnichannel integration

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Are you running multiple Outlets and want to create a special payment method for several Outlets (Ex: QRIS Payment for Bazaar, not for the online store). Or if you're integrating your marketplace into Omnichannel DealPOS and you want to differentiate the payment methods for each marketplace channel. You can hide payment methods like *Payment Tokopedia* in offline sales outlets. Currently, DealPOS can differentiate the payment methods used. Here is a tutorial on how to use it:

Step 1. Open the Setup Menu & Choose one Payment

payment method

Step 2. Open Access Control Tab then Click Selected Outlet & Save

If you insert the outlet. So this payment method will only be accessed at that outlet.

differentiate payment access per outlet

Congratulations! Setup payment methods already successfully configured so can be separated. For marketplace integration, you can create a dummy outlet to accommodate the payment method.

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