This payment menu contains all information regarding payments, starting from the type of payment, payments received every day, and others.

I. Payment Received

On payment received contains all types of payments received every day. You can also filter according to the desired date if you want to see how many payments were received on that date.

received payment

II. Payment by Outlet

On this payment by an outlet to see the payments received at each outlet based on the type of payment.

payment by outlet

III. Payment Daily

in the daily payment section, it contains information about all payments every day, here can also be filtered by month, or by the date you want.

payment daily

IV. Payment Detail

The payment detail contains detailed payment information. starting from the payment date, the time of making the payment, the invoice of each payment, the amount paid, and the type of payment.

payment detail

V. Payment Method Analysis

The payment method analysis contains information about the analysis of each payment method. starting from the number of transactions using that type of payment, as well as the minimum and maximum payments paid through that type of payment.

payment method analysis

VI. Payments Made

the payment made contains information about the payments we make. when we buy goods from suppliers in the buy menu, then every payment that occurs will be recorded in payments made.

payment made

VII. Write Off

Write off is one of the features in DealPOS that you can use to get rid of debts that are no longer paid because the customer has not paid off their obligations or you provide bleaching and are considered paid off. The function of the write-off itself is to write off hanging accounts payable.

write off

VII. Payment Gateway

If you use payment with QRIS, and the transaction is successful. There will be a report about the Payment gateway used for the transactions using QRIS.

payment gateway

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