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Add Customer Button Configuration
Add Customer Button Configuration

Disable the plus button on the sell page so can't add new customers when selling

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A customer is a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business.

If we have saved customer data, it will make it easier for us when we want to make reports based on customer names. Customer data is customer information that you collect as reference data for your loyal customers. So you can see sales reports based on your Top Customers.

In this article. we will explain how to configure add customer button in sell. You can disable this feature if your cashier is not permitted / not allowed for new customer data in the Sell Menu.

Step 1. Select More Menu then Module Configuration in Setup Menu


Step 2. Select Module - Sell then change Quick Add Enable to "No"


Step 3. After setting Quick Add Enabled to "No" the automatically Add Customers Button in the Sell Menu will disappear.


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