If you already set your Product's Buffer & Threshold Inventory, you can monitor your stocks in the Low Inventory menu when the stocks of the products are below the Buffer Inventory. When you already know which product stocks are low, you can directly Make a Transfer Outbound.

This feature will help you to Re-Stock your Products to your Outlets, check which Outlets require Re-Stock, and easier to make product Transfer Orders from Warehouses to Outlets or from One Outlet to another Outlet. You can also order the same product again without having to Re-Enter the Product.

To make a Request for Re-Stock Low Inventory, you can follow the steps below:

I. Grant User Access

Step 1. Go to Users Menu, then click Groups tab, select group name that you want to set

Group User

Step 2. Checklist Transfer Order Editor

II. How to Use This Feature

Make sure you have already input the Minimum and Maximum Inventory on the product or variant. You can check this article to set minimum and maximum inventory: Minimum and Maximum Inventory

Step 1. Go to Inventory, click Low, checklist the Products, click Make a Logistic

Step 2. Outlet Delivery Menu

Choose an Outlet to take Stocks, the system will automatically set qty into Product Buffer. You can change the quantity if needed or you can just Process to Continue

Step 3. Transfer Order Complete

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