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How to Add Products Stock
How to Add Products Stock

Some menus that can be used to fill the inventory, such as Products, Buy, and Adjustment

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In general POS systems/applications, there are 2 initial steps that the user should do. First, users should fill in their product data. In the second step, users should stock up on the product they have input (add product stock).

Add Products Stock is an activity to input quantity from the stocks of products in the inventory. On DealPOS, there are three methods to fill the inventory for your products. In the following article, you can follow the steps below to input stocks for product inventory in the DealPOS system.

I. Using Products Menu

You can use the Products menu to fill the inventory from a product. We recommend using this method if the product that you want to fill the inventory is having an initial inventory (quantity from the beginning). If your products come from Suppliers, we recommend you make a filling inventory by using the buy menu.

Step 1. Go to Products, then Click Import

Import File

Step 2. Click Choose File, then Upload Selected File

Upload Selected File

If you want to import the initial amount of quantity products to your outlet, you can open more menu options and then select 'Yes' on the inventory update.

More Import Settings

Example CSV File :

This CSV File was obtained from "Download Sample" in the product menu.

Example CSV File

Table Properties:


Product categories


Product name


Variants available for a product


Unique code used to identify a variant


The name of the supplier

Unit Cost

The buying price of the products that you buy from the suppliers

Unit Price

The selling price of the products that you will sell to the customers


Discount for products (in percentage)


Product weight

Image URL1 & Image URL2

Product image link (gotten from the website)

Dynamic Column Names :

Inventory_{Outlet Name}

: Quantity for stock to the related outlet

II. Using Buy Menu via UI & CSV File

You can also input the quantity stocks for your products by using the Buy menu if the products that you've ordered before came from the suppliers. Before inputting your product's inventory through the Buy menu, you have to make sure that the product data you want to fill the inventory has already been added to the system. To add new product data to the DealPOS system, you might like to read this article: Add New Product.

Step 1. Go to Buy, then Choose Outlet

Choose Outlet to Purchase

Step 2. Input Product to Cart, then Click Pay

Input Product to Cart

Add the items that you want to buy by clicking the Add Item button (+) (or using the F4 key shortcut) or by importing the items using CSV files.

Example Of CSV File :

Example Of CSV File


Unique code used to identify a product


The amount of stock product you want to enter


COGS or capital price

Step 3. Purchase was Complete

Purchase was Complete

Notes :

For detailed information about purchasing inventory to add product stock, please read this article: Purchasing Inventory from Supplier.

III. Using Adjustment Menu

Besides using the two methods above, you can also fill the inventory of products by using Adjustments. Use this menu if there is a difference between counted real stock data and the system's data.

Step 1. Go to Adjustment, then Select Stock Take by Web Spreadsheet

Make Adjustment

Step 2. Choose Outlet & Category, then Click Next

Choose Outlet & Category to Adjust

Step 3. Input the Counted Stock, then Click Next

Input the Counted Stock

Step 4. Check Stock Difference, then Click Confirm Adjustment

Confirm Adjustment

Step 5. Adjustment was Completed

Adjustment was Completed

Notes :

For detailed information about inventory adjustment to add/reduce product stock, please read this article: Adjustment Introduction.

[Tutorial Video] Add Products Stock

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