Every retail store has a promotion for selling its products. This promotion is usually can be used for a member that has several points from their transaction before.

One of the promos is to make cashback in the form of points that can be used on subsequent transactions.

This article will explain how you can enter special loyalty points for one of the products that you sell using a prepaid point.

Table of Content :

I. Loyalty Point Configuration

Step 1. Enter Setup - More Menu - Select Configuration Application

Configuration Application

Step 2. Go to Loyalty Tab

Then change the Earn Point Amounth to '0'. On the Redeem Point Value you can determine the Nominal Price / Nominal Discount in the use of 1 Point.

Configure Loyalty

Step 3. Add Product with Prepaid Point Type

Enter the Number of Points Obtained in the Variant then Submit.

Add Product with Prepaid Point Type

Step 4. Setting Loyalty Point on the Outlet

Go to the Outlet menu then select one of the outlets then in the 'Enable Loyalty Point' column select Yes.

Setting Loyalty Point on the Outlet

II. Apply Prepaid Point Product

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

Input Customer Name, Then Select Product and Click Pay.

Make Sales Transaction

Step 2. Make Another Sales Transaction

On the next sale, bringing up the name of the customer who has purchased the special product before. Then the loyalty Point will be automatically filled.

Make Another Sales Transaction

Step 3. Use Loyalty Point to Pay Transaction

Loyalty Point can be used, click Loyalty then a pop up will appear like this.

Use Loyalty Point

Notes :

Prepaid / Cashback packages can be used for any transaction not exclusive to specific products only.

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