At each sale you can specify certain products that can be paid by using Point, Cash or Both. So when a product is only set to be paid using Point then making a sale with cash, the Transaction will be rejected.

Case Study : In this case, how to pay by points.

Sometimes stores sell products as gifts to customers. So, customers must collect points in advance to get prizes using points. To activate the loyalty point feature you can follow the following article Member Point (Loyalty Program).

I. Set Payment Type in Product

Step 1. Go to Products Menu - Variants - Click Variant

Step 2. Go to the Product - then click Edit

Step 3. Tab Advanced - Choose Payment Type - Submit

In the example we will choose the method using 'point'.

Keterangan :


products can be paid for only in cash


products can be paid for only in point

Cash and Point

products can be paid for only in cash or point

II. Sales Use Point

Step 1. Go to Sell Menu - Input Product - Click Loyalty - Ok - Pay

Print Out Invoice :

Step 2. Sell With Cash

If you pay in cash, the transaction cannot be processed.

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