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Product Reward with Loyalty

Set product rewards with loyalty payments

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Some stores want to give kind feedback to their loyal store customers. Therefore, they prepare specific programs to reward their customers.

DealPOS provides Loyalty Program to reward loyal customers. In the loyalty program, customers will be given loyalty points after completing the transaction. Loyalty Points can be exchanged for discounts or specific products.

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Before adding and selling a product with loyalty payment user must Configure Loyalty Point first.

I. Set Payment Type "Loyalty Point" for Product

Each product can be decided on its own loyalty point by clicking variant product. Before setting a loyalty point for a specific variant, you must Create a Product with a Variant.

Read the following steps below to set loyalty points for product variant :

Step 1. Select Products, then Choose Variants

Choose Variant

Step 2. Search Specific Variant and Click Any Variant

Click Any Variant

Step 3. Edit Variant

Edit Variant

Step 4. Go to Advanced, Set Point Payment Type then Click Submit

Set Point Payment Type

Notes :

This payment type will restrict this variant of product payment with loyalty points. So the product cannot be purchased unless the customer has loyalty points.

II. Sell Product with Loyalty Payment

Make sure the stock of the product that you want to buy is available. Try to Fill Product Stock before selling the product.

Read the following steps below to sell products with the loyalty point payment method :

Step 1. Choose Sell, then Select Product with Point Payment Type

Sell Product with Loyalty Payment

Step 2. Input Customer Name, then Click Loyalty Icon

Input Customer Name

Step 3. Input Loyalty Point According to the Product Price

Input Loyalty Point

Step 4. Pay Transaction, then Click Ok

Pay Transaction

Notes :

You cannot pay the bill with any payment type except the loyalty point that you have set up before.

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