To make it easier for you to Pay subscription payments to DealPOS, we currently provide online payments.

There we provide payment options using Credit / Debit Card, GoPay / Other e-wallet and ATM / Bank Transfer.

There are few advantages if you pay with an Online Payment:

  1. You don't need to send Transfer Receipt to the DealPOS team.

  2. Payment will be recorded automatically. So if your Account has been suspended, it will be automatically Actived again right after you finished the payment.

  3. There are many choices of Payment Methods.

Step 1. Click your profile then click My Subscription

You can also see the previous payment history and see the detail payment by click view.

Step 2. Click "Pay Now" for process payment

Step 3. Select the payment method you want and follow the steps of each payment method

For example, if I choose the GoPay/other e-Wallets payment method.

Step 4. If Payment Successful, Status in Your Subscription change to "PAID"

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