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Pay Subscription for Indonesian Customer (IDR Currency)
Pay Subscription for Indonesian Customer (IDR Currency)

Pay my subscription bill.

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We currently provide online payments to make it easier for you to Pay subscription payments to DealPOS. We offer payment options using Credit / Debit Cards, GoPay / Other e-wallets, and ATM / Bank Transfers. Here below are the steps:

Step 1. Go to Subscription on Profile

Click your profile then click My Subscription.

Check Subcription DealPOS

You can also see the previous payment history and see the detailed payment by clicking View.

View Billing on DealPOS

Step 2. Click "Pay" to Process the Payment

Select a Type of Payment

Step 3. Choose Payment Method

Select the payment method you want and follow the steps of each payment method.

For example, if I choose the GoPay/other e-Wallets payment method.

Payment Confirmation

Step 4. Recheck the Payment Status

If Payment is Successful, the Status in Your Subscription change to "Paid".


If your payment status has changed to Paid, Congratulations! You have successfully made an online payment.

There are a few advantages if you pay with an Online Payment :

  1. You don't need to send the Transfer Receipt to the Finance team.

  2. Payment will be recorded automatically. So if your Account has been suspended, it will be automatically activated again right after you finished the payment.

  3. There are many choices of Payment Methods.

[Tutorial Video] Pay Subscription with Online Payment

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