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Pricebook Price for Specific Customer
Pricebook Price for Specific Customer

Sell products with special price for specific customer

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Usually, the store has several special customers. Both private customers and foreign customers frequently buy their products. Sometimes, some shops want to give them a different treatment by selling products cheaper or maybe more expensive than usual.

After you have successfully created a Pricebook, you can also enter the Pricebook that you have created into the customer's contact. This function can be used If you have several customers who get special prices when shopping at your outlet.

This article will explain how to create and use a pricebook for specific customers.

Before adding and using the pricebook in the sell menu, you must activate and possibly configure some pricebook settings first. Learn more about Activate and Configure Pricebook.

I. Add New Pricebook

Step 1. Go to Promotion (Pricebook Tab), then Click Add

Add Pricebook

Step 2. Fill In Pricebook Information / Detail

Fill In Pricebook Information / Detail

Notes :

If you want to apply the pricebook to a specific customer, you must set the minimum quantity to zero.

Step 3. Add Variant to Pricebook

Add Variant to Pricebook.

Notes :

Users can add variants via UI or import via CSV.

Add Via UI

Add Via UI
Pricebook Price Via UI

Import Via CSV

Import Via CSV
Import Variant to Pricebook Via CSV

Notes :

Download the sample provided by our system, edit the file, then upload it to the pricebook.

Step 4. Save Pricebook

Save Pricebook

Notes :

After saving the pricebook, specific customers will receive the pricebook price or pricebook discount each time they make a purchase.

II. Assign Customer to Pricebook

Step 1. Go to Contacts (Customers Tab), then Select Customer

Select Any Customer

Notes :

Create new customer data if the customer you want to select is not yet on the customer list.

Step 2. Edit Customer

Edit Customer

Step 3. Go to Sales & Pricing, Choose Pricebook, then Click Save

Scroll down to the Sales & Pricing tab.

Choose Pricebook

Notes :

The customers will receive a special price based on the pricebook each time they make a purchase from the products in the pricebook.

III. Using Pricebook on Sales

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Add Item to Cart

Add Item to Cart

Step 2. Input Customer Name

Input Customer Name

Notes :

When selecting a customer who has a pricebook and their products also have a pricebook, the product price will automatically change according to their pricebook.

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